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Homeschool Classifieds

Homeschooling allows parents to control their children's curriculum, learning speed and school environment. It offers many children the opportunity to learn at a faster pace than their peers and to avoid the day to day social stresses of the regular classroom. Despite its advantages, however, homeschooling can be a big investment. Teaching children requires dedicated time, while homeschooling materials can be extremely cost. Using homeschool classifieds gives parents the ability to find a good used homeschool curriculum without spending too much.

How To Find Local Resources

Offline local resources include other parents involved in local homeschooling groups or co-ops, the public library and nearby used bookstores. Parents who want to get their homeschooling curricula locally should consider getting involved in their local homeschooling community. This field quickly attracts passionate people who feel strongly about their children's education, so it's often easy to find good materials.

Best Online Resources

Online classifieds sites are the most useful option for many homeschooling parents, but not all of them are the same. For instance, homeschoolclassifieds.com offers an excellent resource for some of the most popular curricula, but it works best for local searches only. Parents can also find useful resources at their local branch of Craigslist (www.craigslist.org.)

Parents who want to take their searches further afield may wish to look at resources such as the Hip List at www.hiphomeschoolmoms.com/the-hip-list, or freehomeschoolclassifieds.com. These sources can offer used curricula from across the country or even around the world. While it's important to factor in shipping costs, these broader-based online resources can help

These sites offer parents many options for a used homeschool curriculum at a reduced price. Products are listed by appropriate grade level, ranging from pre-Kindergarten up through college. They may also include music, CDs and other multimedia options, which many homeschool classifieds sites list separately. Parents who have a used homeschool curriculum they no longer need can also use these sites to recover some of their initial investment while making sure that other children have the opportunity to learn from their homeschooling materials.

Curriculum Options

The specific resources parents choose for their homeschooling program will depend on their basic philosophy. People who want to provide their children with a more religiously-grounded education than they could get at most public or private schools should look for major spritual publishers, including Abeka homeschool or Kinza Academy. Parents who prefer a more secular approach may need to buy their curriculum carefully, choosing mainstream textbooks or textbooks designed specifically for a secular approach.

The good news is that pretty much any major used homeschool curriculum is available through the homeschool classifieds.

Any parent who wants to ensure that his or her child receives the right education should take the time to investigate homeschool classifieds. These resources allow the homeschooling community to share their resources, save money and still provide their children with all the knowledge they need.