Abeka Academy

Homeschooling is on the rise as an alternative to underfunded, poorly-run public schools. In 2007, about 1.5 million children were taught at home, an increase of 74 percent over the previous eight years. This number is still on the rise in 2012. Parents continue to realize the many moral, educational and environmental benefits of an at-home education using products from respected publishers like Abeka Academy.

Are You Ready To Teach Them Yourself?

By taking our childrens' education into our own hands, we provide them with the specialized teaching they need outside of an often-problematic public school environment. Parents also take over teaching their children because of physical and mental health problems that make it difficult to learn in a conventional environment, because their children have other special needs, and because they want to travel or offer more family time. Also, not every parent has the extensive educational training needed to handle many homeschooling curricula properly.

However, for many parents, the thought of teaching their own kids is terrifying and may even make them avoid it completely. Luckily, there are options available, such as online homeschooling and video streaming through well known curricula companies like Abeka.

What is Abeka Academy?

Abeka Academy is a comprehensive, accredited virtual learning program for grades K-12. They offer different types of virtual classroom options such as Online video streaming, DVDs and Mail-in materials and grading. It is fully accredited, so you won't have to worry about your kids having a sub-standard diploma at graduation time.

By using virtual homeschooling aids like Abeka Academy, we can become effective teachers without previous experience. Teaching our kids using these tools still takes time and dedication, but it doesn't require a teaching degree or previous classroom hours.

The Abeka program uses textbooks from its parent company, Abeka Books, along with up to date video instruction. Parents act as assistant teachers for the accredited college-preparatory program, but the videos themselves are recorded by experienced master teachers. This saves us time as parents without sacrificing our children's learning.

The program can be used by families at home or as part of a Christian homeschool classroom environment with kids from several families. I've seen what a difference it makes in the way kids approach their homeschooling materials. Videos allow students to engage more readily and provide more visual and auditory aids for children who don't always grasp information the first time they read it in a textbook.

If you're among the thousands of families who feel that their children aren't getting what they need from public schools, you have options. Virtual homeschooling curricula combined with conventional textbooks and teaching methods can make a big difference in the way that our kids learn. In many cases, it's the gateway to success.